Ultrasound of Abdomen

Ultrasound scans use high-frequency sound waves to capture images and video. This helps doctors view portions of the body’s interior without making an incision.Just as sonar and radar help the military detect planes and ships, ultrasound helps doctors understand what’s going on inside your body. This test is most commonly used on pregnant women to view and examine their fetuses.
Abdominal ultrasounds are used for a variety of reasons. They are non-invasive and widely available.

How to prepare for the test: 

Your doctor will usually instruct you to fast for eight to 12 hours before your ultrasound. This is because undigested food can block the sound waves, making it difficult for the technician to get a clear picture.
You should, however, continue to drink water and take your medications as instructed.
For an examination of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, or spleen, you may be instructed to eat a fat-free meal the evening before your test, before beginning your fast.

What to Expect: 

A typical ultrasound exam is painless and takes about 20 minutes to complete. You may be asked to change into a hospital gown for the procedure. After your abdominal ultrasound, your doctor will discuss the results with you at a later time