A complete eye exam involves a series of tests designed to evaluate your vision and check for eye diseases. Your eye doctor may use a variety of instruments, shine bright lights directly at your eyes and request that you look through an array of lenses. Each test during an eye exam evaluates a different aspect of your vision or eye health.

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Three kinds of eye specialists may perform an eye exam:
Ophthalmologists: Ophthalmologists are medical doctors who provide full eye care, such as giving you a complete eye exam, prescribing corrective lenses,
Optometrists: Optometrists provide services as such as evaluating your vision, prescribing corrective lenses
Opticians: Opticians fill prescriptions for eyeglasses, including assembling, fitting and selling them. Some opticians also sell contact lenses.

What to Expect: 

First, you'll be asked about your medical history and any vision problems you might be experiencing.
Next, how clearly you can see (visual acuity) is measured. This helps determine your prescription for glasses.
Your eye pressure is measured, for which you may receive drops that enlarge your pupils.
Your eye doctor checks the health of your eyes, possibly using several lights to evaluate the front of the eye and inside of each eye.